What is your Struggle?

Truth be told, we all have them. Your struggle may not be mine and my struggle may not be yours, but we both have them. Why is your struggle less sinful than mine or my struggle greater than yours? Doesn’t God look at them the same? Regardless of the struggle, the aim is to live a life in obedience to the Word of God and to overcome those struggles.

Most of our struggles deal with this old sinful flesh of ours. Fittingly, when we depart and go to heaven, we will leave this old flesh behind. No place for it in the heavenly realm. Stay behind sinful flesh, no place for you in my other mansion over yonder.

In every struggle, you will find a victim and a victor. I refuse to be a victim. With God on my side, I am persuaded that I will be the victor in all that I do. Even if it were time for me to go to my eternal home, I am still victorious over death. Death, where is your sting and where is your power? I am going home to be with my Father. I hear there is everlasting joy and peace over there, I want to go over there one day. Just not now. I have to teach my daughter and granddaughter more about you God and make sure that they have enough knowledge to impart to future generations. I have to teach them that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I have to teach them to pay their tithes and offerings. I need to teach them about living for God and not just about quoting scriptures about His life. So, I struggle on. Where are you in your struggle? Are you the victim or are you the victor? Choose to be the victor!

Photo by Charles Wundengba on Pexels.com
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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

And let the people say “Amen.”


Published by Sister Jackie

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and caretaker, and I also work outside of the home. Life has its struggles but I am not complaining. It could always be worse. Many lessons learned on my journey and many more to come--I am sure. God has a sense of humor and I have certainly learned how to laugh at myself. You should too-it is quite therapeutic. After all, some things we cannot change so why not enjoy a good laugh at our own expense. See you soon.

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