Foolish Pride

Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Today, I started thinking about pride and how God hates the look of pride. I wondered why. What’s wrong with someone feeling as if they are the greatest thing since sliced bread or the prettiest creature ever to walk the face of the earth. Then, I realized that all glory belongs to God. Pride usurps God’s power and God’s authority. Prideful people focus on themselves and not on God or anyone else. Man, pride can be a deadly attribute.

Sometimes pride can get in someone’s way of getting help. Many people are in trouble and decide to keep the trouble rather than seeking help from the trouble. They don’t want anyone to know that they are not perfect or they have made a mistake that have landed them into a serious problem. Instead of asking for assistance, they would rather go down with the problem. O foolish pride, why have you betwixt us?

Pride gets in the way of us even asking God for help. We think that we can handle the situation on our own and we are so wrong. God wants us to consult Him with everything. We are nothing without God. The Bible tells us to acknowledge Him and He shall direct our paths. By acknowledging His omnipresence and omnipotence, we are letting Him know that He is our all and all and we take comfort in knowing that He is our Father and our Provider. In essence, God has got our back, front, sides, top and bottom. We are totally covered from top to toe.

We know that pride goes before a fall and many people have fallen because of their pride. Sometimes we wait for problems to become so dire before we ask for help and sometimes it is too late for us to get the solution we desire. I have seen people spread themselves like an olive tree as if they are the Queen of Sheba and nothing can touch them. Then God shows up and attempts to humble them with sickness, untimely death or some other unfortunate circumstance. Some people never get the memo to humble themselves.

If you need aid, seek God. Ask Him what you should do and where should you go for help. He will truly guide you once you put that old foolish pride away. It is He who has made us and not we ourselves.That mirror should reflect Him and not you! Pride be gone in the name of Jesus! Amen.

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O Foolish pride! Be gone.

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Published by Sister Jackie

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and caretaker, and I also work outside of the home. Life has its struggles but I am not complaining. It could always be worse. Many lessons learned on my journey and many more to come--I am sure. God has a sense of humor and I have certainly learned how to laugh at myself. You should too-it is quite therapeutic. After all, some things we cannot change so why not enjoy a good laugh at our own expense. See you soon.

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