Corona is Still Alive

Good day everyone! Hope all is well. I am sitting here in pure astonishment at the callousness of some people in the face of Corona and their failure to comprehend the death trail it has left behind. Have you seen the pictures of those partygoers in Miami Beach? I can’t even believe my eyes. What are these young people thinking? Or truth be told, they are really not thinking. Lord, we really need your help. I don’t know how we can avoid more death since people refuse to abide by the CDC guidelines or even just common sense. What about those governors lifting the mask mandate before we have even inched our way towards herd immunity? Must everything be about politics or as Lindsey Graham said, I want to win. Win at what cost, Lindsey? I guess it really doesn’t matter to you, now does it? What is so hard for people to understand, Miss, Ms., Mr. or Mrs. Corona is still alive. Lord Jesus, what will it take for people to get it?

This reminds me of the person who kills those closest to him and then takes his own life. I would often say, if you want to die, just kill yourself and be done with it. Why take innocent people with you? Same scenario here. I wish it were possible for you to do foolishness and only take your own life, but unfortunately, others will still pay the price and be severely impacted by your refusal to wear a mask or to socially distance yourself. The Bible tells us that in the last days, men will be lovers of themselves. We are seeing it play out right in front of our eyes. Don’t get me wrong, my desire is always for God to save your soul, but if you are intent on killing yourself, just go, and leave innocent people alone.

Then, we have the partygoers. Why can’t people forego a party in exchange for their safety and that of everyone else? Why is it so hard for people to forget about temporary thrills? Watching that party scene in Miami just showed how many people are living in this world of make believe. Yes, make believe this is not happening. We always think it cannot happen to me, but it can. Well my friends, Corona is here whether we like it or not. The real question is how long will we allow it to stay?

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Yes, the real question is how long will we allow it to stay?


Published by Sister Jackie

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and caretaker, and I also work outside of the home. Life has its struggles but I am not complaining. It could always be worse. Many lessons learned on my journey and many more to come--I am sure. God has a sense of humor and I have certainly learned how to laugh at myself. You should too-it is quite therapeutic. After all, some things we cannot change so why not enjoy a good laugh at our own expense. See you soon.

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