He Knows My Name

Good day everyone! Hope that everyone is chillaxing as much as they can during these difficult times. I was in worship today and they sang a song, but one line of the song kept resonating in my spirit. The writer said “He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He knows my name, He answers when I call.” I keep singing that line over and over again–at this point, I sound like a broken record–but I take great comfort in the fact that He actually knows my name and He knows my every thought. The He, of course, is God.

I am pretty sure that I am going through some stage of menopause and sometimes my emotional side can take off in crazy directions. Yesterday, the target was my husband and my thoughts were taking me in crazy directions. As I was going through my funk yesterday, I had to ask God to help me to relax and chill and stop letting insecurity and fear take over my mind. Jealousy is nothing but insecurity and fear and truth be told I had little reason to be heading in that downward direction. Except for that menopause thing. Can I get a lady to say Amen? Thank God for today, I woke up and I am doing much better emotionally and all is well with the world, God and me.

I say all this to say that we all go through situations and challenges, but trust that He knows your name and He knows your every thought. If your thoughts are not right, you don’t need anybody to tell you. You already know. Ask Him to make those thoughts line up with the Word of God and since He knows your name, He will answer when you call. I called on Him yesterday and He answered. Glory be to God! My marriage lives on!!

Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com
Photo by Junior Karrick DJIKOUNOU on Pexels.com
Photo by Ashford Marx on Pexels.com
Photo by Rocsana Nicoleta Gurza on Pexels.com

Menopause or Perimenopause or Pre-menopause or any sort of Pause–will not win.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

I shall overcome!! Peace and love always.


Published by Sister Jackie

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and caretaker, and I also work outside of the home. Life has its struggles but I am not complaining. It could always be worse. Many lessons learned on my journey and many more to come--I am sure. God has a sense of humor and I have certainly learned how to laugh at myself. You should too-it is quite therapeutic. After all, some things we cannot change so why not enjoy a good laugh at our own expense. See you soon.

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