Divorce Court

Good day everyone! I don’t how many of you out there love the show “Divorce Court” but I love to watch that show. My husband often jokes with me and says that maybe I am trying to tell him something subliminally. No worries husband. I just love the show. Hubby says that it is pureContinue reading “Divorce Court”

When did that happen?

Good morning good people! As I sit here strolling down memory lane, I wonder how many of you have ever asked the question, when did that happen? I have prayed about so many things in my life that sometimes God answers my prayers in such a way that I sit and wonder, hey, when didContinue reading “When did that happen?”

Walking in Hopelessness

There are so many people today walking in hopelessness. They have problems that they feel are insurmountable. Some people don’t have enough money to pay their rent, buy food or other necessities in life. What can we do to reach out to our fellow people and help them to overcome? It is okay to feelContinue reading “Walking in Hopelessness”

No Earthly Good

Good day friends! Hope and pray that all is well. I recently attended a Christian ladies meeting and one of the questions that was posed was whether we had ever encountered situations where we had to take a stand and obey God rather than man? At the meeting, I listened to stories about Christians refusingContinue reading “No Earthly Good”