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He Knows My Name

Good day everyone! Hope that everyone is chillaxing as much as they can during these difficult times. I was in worship today and they sang a song, but one line of the song kept resonating in my spirit. The writer said “He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He knows my name, He…

Divorce Court

Good day everyone! I don’t how many of you out there love the show “Divorce Court” but I love to watch that show. My husband often jokes with me and says that maybe I am trying to tell him something subliminally. No worries husband. I just love the show. Hubby says that it is pure…

Day of Poetry

Hi everybody! Slow news day today—so I figured that I would introduce you to one of my newest creations entitled “Mask.” Please check out my other poems in my newest book, “Just Sister Jackie: My First Collection of Poetic Observances.” The Audible book is available for sale on Amazon. Let’s now turn our attention to…

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