He Knows My Name

Good day everyone! Hope that everyone is chillaxing as much as they can during these difficult times. I was in worship today and they sang a song, but one line of the song kept resonating in my spirit. The writer said “He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He knows my name, He answers when I call.” I keep singing that line over and over again–at this point, I sound like a broken record–but I take great comfort in the fact that He actually knows my name and He knows my every thought. The He, of course, is God.

I am pretty sure that I am going through some stage of menopause and sometimes my emotional side can take off in crazy directions. Yesterday, the target was my husband and my thoughts were taking me in crazy directions. As I was going through my funk yesterday, I had to ask God to help me to relax and chill and stop letting insecurity and fear take over my mind. Jealousy is nothing but insecurity and fear and truth be told I had little reason to be heading in that downward direction. Except for that menopause thing. Can I get a lady to say Amen? Thank God for today, I woke up and I am doing much better emotionally and all is well with the world, God and me.

I say all this to say that we all go through situations and challenges, but trust that He knows your name and He knows your every thought. If your thoughts are not right, you don’t need anybody to tell you. You already know. Ask Him to make those thoughts line up with the Word of God and since He knows your name, He will answer when you call. I called on Him yesterday and He answered. Glory be to God! My marriage lives on!!

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Menopause or Perimenopause or Pre-menopause or any sort of Pause–will not win.

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I shall overcome!! Peace and love always.


Divorce Court

Good day everyone! I don’t how many of you out there love the show “Divorce Court” but I love to watch that show. My husband often jokes with me and says that maybe I am trying to tell him something subliminally. No worries husband.

I just love the show. Hubby says that it is pure entertainment and I am surely and purely entertained. Pray for me. I am amazed at the things that people go through in their relationships. The episodes prove to me that God’s way is always the right way to go. I think that Judge Toler’s expressions and her humor are incomparable. The Judge looks like she is about to fall out of her chair in shock given some of the things she hears from the guests on the show. How do married people believe they can behave in this manner and not face dire consequences? I wish that I could give them my book “Karma Will Clap Back” and tell them that this is the way that God wants us to handle difficult situations. When we take matters into our own hands, we make situations worse. Marriage is hard work and every day will not be a walk in the park. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my mate can fall on my last nerve and next thing you know, if we are not careful, the argument is on.

The Bible teaches that any fool can start an argument, but God blesses those who prefer to walk in peace. Blessed are the peacemakers for they are the children of God. We have to see marriage from God’s perspective. There is nothing too difficult for God. Seek Him and pray about that marital situation. Hold on until your deliverance comes! It will surely come.

I am not saying that it will be easy, but put your faith and trust in God. It is our aim and our goal to please our Father in Heaven. It is His desire for His equally yoked children to walk, to live, and to love in peace. Help me, Lord! I need to pass this test. If I can’t love and get along with the husband that I see, what will happen to me? Divorce Court. God forbid!! Brothers and sisters, be encouraged. Trouble don’t last always!! Tomorrow will be the day that your change will come. Better days are ahead. Keep hope alive. Our God is able and so are we!!

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Not every day will be a walk in the park.

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Some days will be stormy and rocky.

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And Love will win!

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Day of Poetry

Hi everybody! Slow news day today—so I figured that I would introduce you to one of my newest creations entitled “Mask.” Please check out my other poems in my newest book, “Just Sister Jackie: My First Collection of Poetic Observances.” The Audible book is available for sale on Amazon. Let’s now turn our attention to the unveiling of “Mask.”


Why the question?
Should I or shouldn't I?
Do you want to die?
Believing the big lie
I don't even understand
Why you listen to that man
Stop making this so complex
You're starting to make me vex
Truly we are in the last days
Look at all of your selfish ways
You don't care about me and I should care about you
Smells like mildew
Why are you forcing me to spew
My humble point of view
All because you refuse to wear
A simple piece of gear!
That will diminish our fear
Of that virus arriving at our front door
Intending to rock us to our very core
What unnecessary pain to endure
What more?
Do we have to say
To get you to see things our way
In essence, it is such a simple ask
So why not Please
Just put on your Mask?!

Poem by: Jacqueline Greene, copyright, 2020. All rights reserved.
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What’s the problem? We are all accustomed to wearing those invisible masks anyway, especially when we encounter strangers and friends. Let’s stop pretending like those masks are not there and move them from the inside to the outside. Be true to thine self. Such a simple ask and an even simpler task. Stay blessed everyone!

Before the Car?

What did I ever do before I had a car? How did I get my groceries home? How did I get to all of my appointments? How did I get to church? How did I get to the bank? Oh my, what did I do before I had a car. I did manage to do much of those tasks by public transportation since I learned to drive late in life. I believe that I got my license when I was about thirty years old. That is old compared to those teeny boppers coming out of high school with their driver’s license at the tender age of 17. I find all of this interesting since I feel as if I am now indebted and held captive by this inanimate object called car. Or is it an animate object since it can move?

You see, my car was working really well and then I got this recall notice saying that I needed to have something replaced. Being a cautious individual, I called in, made the appointment, but had to wait months for the new part to come into the service center. Lo and behold, the part finally arrived and off I went to get the job done. While the vehicle was at the service center, I asked them to also service the car, two stones for the price of one, right? Wrong! Got the car back the same day and later that afternoon, I was about to go to perform one of those things I can no longer do on foot. Car would not start. What did these people do? Car was running absolutely fine before they got their wiry hands on it. Mechanics!

Next day as I was preparing to have the car towed to the service center, guess what? Car started! I was overjoyed. Drove the car for few days and all was well. Then Sunday, Palm Sunday no less, arrived and guess what? I was ready for church, ready to go and praise the Lord! Car would not start. Pouring rain outside. Would be impossible to get a cab. Stuck at home watching the church service online. I was MAD!! Nevertheless, I was able to put aside my mad feelings for the moment and get into worship and the Word. I decided that everything happens for a reason and there must be a reason that I was relegated to my house on this holy morning.

The next day which was Monday, I had the car towed to the service center and today is Wednesday and I am still waiting to get it back. They have no idea what they have done to the car. Devil is a liar! Good Friday and Easter Sunday is coming up and it looks like they might not have the answer before then. So, it is time to prepare a secondary plan. I have to dig back into my memory to a time when I did not have a car and when I did not know how to drive. I got around okay. I was able to move from point A to point B without much thought and deliberation. I was probably about 40 pounds lighter too. There is something to be said for life before the car. Why am I so dependent on this machine? Reminds me of my cellphone. If you haven’t checked out that poem, Cellphone, in my Audible book, “Just Sister Jackie: My First Collection of Poetic Observances”, make sure you show your support. Anyway, shameful plug but it is good stuff, along with the other poems. I digressed again. Focus.

Time to make those secondary plans, cause no devil in hell is going to stop me from getting to church on Good Friday or Easter Sunday with or without a car. I see people taking public transportation to church all of the time. Is their faith greater than mine? Nope. God was good to me before I had a car, He is good to me now that I have a car and he is still good to me while the car is in the hands of those mechanics. Lord, please be with the mechanic in the mechanic room. Show them the problem and give them insight on how to fix it. Regardless, I will meet you in church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I will be the one at the altar giving you praise for reminding me that there was life before the car!

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Yes, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I will be right there praising God. For, there was life before you blessed me with that car.

Corona is Still Alive

Good day everyone! Hope all is well. I am sitting here in pure astonishment at the callousness of some people in the face of Corona and their failure to comprehend the death trail it has left behind. Have you seen the pictures of those partygoers in Miami Beach? I can’t even believe my eyes. What are these young people thinking? Or truth be told, they are really not thinking. Lord, we really need your help. I don’t know how we can avoid more death since people refuse to abide by the CDC guidelines or even just common sense. What about those governors lifting the mask mandate before we have even inched our way towards herd immunity? Must everything be about politics or as Lindsey Graham said, I want to win. Win at what cost, Lindsey? I guess it really doesn’t matter to you, now does it? What is so hard for people to understand, Miss, Ms., Mr. or Mrs. Corona is still alive. Lord Jesus, what will it take for people to get it?

This reminds me of the person who kills those closest to him and then takes his own life. I would often say, if you want to die, just kill yourself and be done with it. Why take innocent people with you? Same scenario here. I wish it were possible for you to do foolishness and only take your own life, but unfortunately, others will still pay the price and be severely impacted by your refusal to wear a mask or to socially distance yourself. The Bible tells us that in the last days, men will be lovers of themselves. We are seeing it play out right in front of our eyes. Don’t get me wrong, my desire is always for God to save your soul, but if you are intent on killing yourself, just go, and leave innocent people alone.

Then, we have the partygoers. Why can’t people forego a party in exchange for their safety and that of everyone else? Why is it so hard for people to forget about temporary thrills? Watching that party scene in Miami just showed how many people are living in this world of make believe. Yes, make believe this is not happening. We always think it cannot happen to me, but it can. Well my friends, Corona is here whether we like it or not. The real question is how long will we allow it to stay?

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Yes, the real question is how long will we allow it to stay?

When did that happen?

Good morning good people! As I sit here strolling down memory lane, I wonder how many of you have ever asked the question, when did that happen? I have prayed about so many things in my life that sometimes God answers my prayers in such a way that I sit and wonder, hey, when did that happen?

Let me give you one example of what I mean. At some point, I had to bring my father to live with me since it was obvious that he could no longer live independently. I had only been married for a few years so I was still a blushing bride, O my. Anyway, my father would forget sometimes that I was his daughter and he would think that I was his girlfriend or wife. When I tell you that my husband would have a fit, believe me, the man would have a fit. I would try to calm him down by telling him that my father was tripping for the moment and it was the disease talking. I would ask my husband to read up on the disease since I too had to learn that there was a sexual component to the diagnosis. That man would hear none of it so I did what I do best—I took it to the Lord in prayer. It was a very frustrating time. I thought I would eventually have to choose between caring for my father and my husband. Lord, I need help!

Recently, I was listening to my husband joking around with my father and they were both laughing. All of a sudden it occurred to me, when did that happen? When did things change? I hadn’t even realized that God had answered my prayer. My father still acts inappropriately towards me but my husband now takes it all in stride. He now realizes what I was trying to convey to him in the beginning. He can now laugh at his insane behavior and I can now exhale. I have tested Father God over and over again. Believe me, God will come through for you. I used to hear this Man of God say, hold on until your deliverance comes. That statement is so true. Don’t faint in the day of your adversity. Hold on, God is working it out. He will come through for you and you too will be asking, hey, wait a minute, hold up, when did that happen?

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It happened so suddenly.

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Peace restored. Marriage lives on for another day. Whew. Thank you God and Amen.

Foolish Pride

Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Today, I started thinking about pride and how God hates the look of pride. I wondered why. What’s wrong with someone feeling as if they are the greatest thing since sliced bread or the prettiest creature ever to walk the face of the earth. Then, I realized that all glory belongs to God. Pride usurps God’s power and God’s authority. Prideful people focus on themselves and not on God or anyone else. Man, pride can be a deadly attribute.

Sometimes pride can get in someone’s way of getting help. Many people are in trouble and decide to keep the trouble rather than seeking help from the trouble. They don’t want anyone to know that they are not perfect or they have made a mistake that have landed them into a serious problem. Instead of asking for assistance, they would rather go down with the problem. O foolish pride, why have you betwixt us?

Pride gets in the way of us even asking God for help. We think that we can handle the situation on our own and we are so wrong. God wants us to consult Him with everything. We are nothing without God. The Bible tells us to acknowledge Him and He shall direct our paths. By acknowledging His omnipresence and omnipotence, we are letting Him know that He is our all and all and we take comfort in knowing that He is our Father and our Provider. In essence, God has got our back, front, sides, top and bottom. We are totally covered from top to toe.

We know that pride goes before a fall and many people have fallen because of their pride. Sometimes we wait for problems to become so dire before we ask for help and sometimes it is too late for us to get the solution we desire. I have seen people spread themselves like an olive tree as if they are the Queen of Sheba and nothing can touch them. Then God shows up and attempts to humble them with sickness, untimely death or some other unfortunate circumstance. Some people never get the memo to humble themselves.

If you need aid, seek God. Ask Him what you should do and where should you go for help. He will truly guide you once you put that old foolish pride away. It is He who has made us and not we ourselves.That mirror should reflect Him and not you! Pride be gone in the name of Jesus! Amen.

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O Foolish pride! Be gone.

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Looking on Up

It’s 5:30 in the morning and I am wondering why am I wide awake and not asleep. My sleep is usually very sweet. So, I figured that it was time to start looking on Up. Alright God, maybe I am feeling a little anxious about today and its activities. Yet, You told me not to be anxious about anything. So, why am I feeling this way? Lord, please take away this anxiety. Sleep Body, Sleep.

Still awake. So, I might as well tell you about the origins of this anxiety in this body. Today at work, a meeting is going to take place that should not take place. It is interesting when others skip protocol and expect you to protect them at the same time. Life doesn’t work that way. One co-worker decided that she did not like how she was being treated by another individual and without giving management an opportunity to handle the matter, she skipped protocol and went above to discuss the matter directly with my employer. Today is their meeting. I am looking on up and trusting that God has already handled this situation. I’ve prayed, and no lengthy prayer either, since I know in whom I believe. Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking on Up and trusting that He has your back.

People can be incredible in their expectations. Before we make decisions in life, praying for wisdom should be the principal thing. Some people are born with it and others, like me, we have to seek it on a daily basis. Wisdom, I am seeking you right now for my daily dose. I need to know how to handle this situation. After all, you never know someone’s agenda and people lie all of the time. I have to have answers ready–if called upon.

I was telling my husband the other day that he has the gift of gab, he’s really quick on his feet. I wish I had his gift but I have to ponder things before I answer. He told me that this quickness came as a result of his hard life and having to fight for himself growing up. If that’s how he got the gift, I am pretty sure that I don’t want it that way. I’ll stick to looking on Up and praying for wisdom on a daily basis.

When you face situations in life and you don’t know what else to do, try looking on Up to the Master. After all, He knows the beginning from the ending and all of the scripted pages in between. I thank God for knowing Him as my personal friend, deliverer and Savior. I can always count on Him to be there to help me in my anxious moments.

And if I ever doubt His ability to give me solace in trying times, I just take a walk down memory lane and remember all of the times that He gave me His peace in the midst of all of my storms, trials and tribulations. Then, I rest assured in knowing that If He did it for me before, He will do for me again. Lord, I rest assured in knowing that You will make everything work out in my favor. No more anxiety. I am feeling sleepy now. Have a good night or morning everyone. See you soon. Zzzzzzzzz

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In those anxious times, remember to keep on looking Up!

Walking in Hopelessness

There are so many people today walking in hopelessness. They have problems that they feel are insurmountable. Some people don’t have enough money to pay their rent, buy food or other necessities in life. What can we do to reach out to our fellow people and help them to overcome? It is okay to feel sorry for someone who tells you that they are hungry, but it is even better to reach into your pocket and buy them a plate of food. To give to the poor is to lend to God. Recently, one of my friends could not afford to purchase her medication and another friend alerted me. I could have sat back and did nothing but instead I called her and asked her if she was able to purchase her medication. She said no and I immediately offered to help. I could have sat back and said that it was none of my business, but how could you see someone in distress and know that you can help and you just close your eyes and also your heart? That is ungodly.

My heart goes out especially to those who are distraught and feel that all hope is gone. If all hope is gone, then you feel as if there is no reason to go on living. Lies from the pit of hell. Whenever you’re feeling down, do like me, listen to a gospel song, open up the Bible and read or just simply start having a conversation with God. Tell Him that you need help in finding your way out of this hopeless state. He hears you and He will answer you.

I remember years ago, just crying out to God, about my finances and my need to pay my mortgage. It was late. I remember just lying on my hallway floor and just crying and asking God to help me. After my tears had dried up, and I laid on the floor in a childlike state, the Holy Spirit ministered to me and told me exactly where to go to find help. I tell you no lie. The instructions were as clear as day. I obeyed and I received the assistance and found my way out of that hopeless place.

It is important in our walk to know that every day is not going to be filled with sunshine but some days will be quite gloomy. When faced with our gloomy days, because we all have them, remember our God specializes in bringing hope to the hopeless. Call on Him, trust me, He is waiting to answer the phone.

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No Earthly Good

Good day friends! Hope and pray that all is well. I recently attended a Christian ladies meeting and one of the questions that was posed was whether we had ever encountered situations where we had to take a stand and obey God rather than man?

At the meeting, I listened to stories about Christians refusing to play the lottery when faced with pressure from their workplace colleagues. I too have refused to play—most of the time. Except for when that lottery stake rises up to that 100 or so million mark, the temptation has been too great. Pray for me–God ain’t through with me yet! I think what if? Do you know what I could do with those millions of dollars to help in building up the body of Christ?!!!? And what about those Christians who put their money in the stock market? Couldn’t that also be seen as gambling? I’m just saying..

Sometimes, we try so hard to appear as if we have always lived in Heaven, we become no earthly good to unbelievers. Christians are oftentimes characterized as perfect individuals, but it is important to destroy that fallacy and let people know that we are imperfect creatures and we make mistakes too. However, the issue is not in making of the mistake but the problem comes when we fail to learn from the mistake and continue down a path that we know that God would not approve of.

To be earthly good is not about encouraging someone to indulge in gambling, but to use that opportunity to witness instead to someone; I used to do that gambling thing but I was delivered. I now know that God will provide all that I need. Just saying that I am a Christian and I don’t do that gambling thing is ineffective. We need to explain why we don’t partake in such activities.

But, I also wonder how many of those same Christians who refuse to play the group lottery would refuse money from someone who won the lottery. Is it okay in that instance to take the money from the winning gambler? Would that Christian say no to the winning gambler’s offer of $50,000 in order to show the lottery winner that God is that Christian’s sole provider? If they refused the money, would the lottery winner see that refusal as a sincere testimony of the Christian’s faith in God. Probably so, but how many would refuse the money? I dare say not many–including me. Please don’t get me wrong–I am not condoning gambling. But, Lord, help me, not sure I could pass that test. Remember, I did say pray for me. I have not arrived in Heaven yet, but I am going to get there one step at a time.

My point is that we have to be real and transparent and not appear to be so holy that no-one can talk to us about their problems and struggles since they believe that we could not relate. Unfortunately at that point, we have become no more earthly good. Let us get real. We have ALL done things that God would frown upon and it’s okay to let someone know that I was once in your situation and I fell or struggled, but this is how I overcame.

I remember the joke about the dog owner who came to the church and asked the Bishop to bury his dog. The bishop was so indignant with the request that he refused and told the man absolutely not, he is not in the business of burying dogs. The man said okay, and as he was walking away, the man told the Bishop that he was about to donate 1 million dollars to the church but things have changed, the Bishop said, “Wait, you didn’t tell me that the dog was a Christian.” My point is that we are all imperfect and we need God’s grace and abundant mercies each and every day. Let us not be afraid to tell our truth, to live our truth and to live triumphantly despite the truth. We all have struggles and it okay to say so. But thanks be to God who continues to give his children the victory!! Let us use our truth to let someone know that I was once in your shoes and I overcame. If God did it for me, He will also do it for you. Christians, let us make sure that we are heavenly bound– but, we still remain earthly good.

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We overcome one step at at time!

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